Pictures of Arabidopsis plants growing outside in Edinburgh
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ZIP file of Andrew Millar's pictures showing the growth location and setup on 8th June 2016, for plants that were later harvested at the summer solstice in 2016. Location was at the South edge of King's Buildings campus, outside the shelter belt of trees (so they did not shade the plot). The plot is surrounded by access fencing that also cuts some of the wind, established by UoE greenhouse staff led by Dr. Sophie Haupt. The plants were set up and grown by Sarah Hodge, under a light shade of 4 thicknesses of neutral mesh to match light levels for Seattle samples in 2015. The shade was strapped to the bench and trays are tied down to avoid blowing away in the wind. Water bottles add weight and facilitate watering far from the greenhouse location. The last picture shows wind damage to the fence.



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