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The model can simulate the the dynamics of sigB dependent transcription at the transition to starvation. It is was developed along the comic in 'sigB-activation-comic_vol1'. Parameters were partly taken from Delumeau et al., 2002, J. Bact. and Igoshin et al., 2007, JMB. Parameter estimation was performed using experimental data from '0804_shake-flask'. Use the .m-file with matlab as: % reading initial conditions from the file: inic = sigb_model_liebal;

% performing the simulation: [t,y] = ode15s(@sigb_model_liebal,[0 800],inic);

% plotting Biomass and LacZ activity % (blue by default biomass, green LacZ activity) plotyy(t/60,y(:,1),t/60,y(:,10))


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Organism: Bacillus subtilis

Model type: Ordinary differential equations (ODE)

Model format: Matlab package

Execution or visualisation environment: Matlab

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