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Recent studies revealed the unsuspected complexity of the bacterial transcriptome but its systematic analysis across many diverse conditions remains a challenge. Here we report the condition-dependent transcriptome of the prototype strain B. subtilis 168 across 104 conditions reflecting the bacterium's life-styles. This data set composed of 269 tiling array hybridizations allowed to observe ~85% of the annotated CDSs expressed in the higher 30% in at least one hybridization and thus provide an ...

B. subtilis was grown in M9 media with glucose as carbon source and the samples for RNA were harvested at OD600nm- 0.4 , 1.3 and 1.0 ). Culture was done at 37°C and samples at OD600nm- 0.4(Exponential), OD600nm- 1.3 (Early stationary), OD600nm-1.0(Late Stationary). All the samples were analysed for transcriptome as biological triplicates.

Data for three biological replicates of control culture and 37°C and 57°C in the file.

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