Short Name: 06_MapMan-bioinfo Assay Class: DRY Assay Type: bioinfo Title: MapMan visualisation of DE genes in SxP Description: LogFCs from DE analysis of total counts after mapping with CLC and Mercator3 mapping as inputs. pISA Assay creation date: 2019-03-27 pISA Assay creator: Mojca Juteršek Phenodata: ../../phenodata_20181212.xlsx Featuredata: Data:

SEEK ID: https://fairdomhub.org/assays/1714

Experimental Assay

Marko Petek

Projects: SUSPHIRE - Sustainable Bioproduction of Pheromones for Insect Pest Contr...

Investigation: _I_T21_SXPsysbio

Study: _S_P4_SxP10-oldG-DE

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