The model is applied to spring wheat, with ample supply of nutrients and water, also without pests, diseases and weeds. Radiation and temperature, being the most important environmental factors, and crop characteristics determine growth and development. Crop growth and development are simulated based on underlying chemical, physiological and physical processes. Dry matter accumulation is calculated from daily crop CO2 assimilation based on leaf CO2 assimilation and taking into account the respiration costs and allocation of carbohydrates to different plant parts.	J. Goudriaan & H.H. van Laar, 1994. Modelling Potential Crop    	       Growth Processes. Textbook with Exercises. Kluwer Academic    	       Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 238 pp.   <br><br><strong>Originally submitted to PLaSMo on 2010-12-14 13:03:28</strong>
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