Sample type representing the old BioSample model available to SysMO and VirtualLiver

Sample ID or name (String) *, Cell culture name (String) *, Cell culture lab identifier (String) , Cell culture start date (Date) , Cell culture growth type (Controlled Vocabulary) , Cell culture comment (Text) , Cell culture provider name (String) , Cell culture provider identifier (String) , Cell culture strain (SEEK Strain) *, Sample lab identifier (String) *, Sampling date (Date) , Age at sampling (Integer) , Sample provider name (String) , Sample provider identifier (String) , Sample comment (Text) , Sample organism part (Controlled Vocabulary)

Not specified

Sample type for continuous and batch cultures with up to 3 Organisms

Cell_Culture_ID (String) *, Culture_Start_Date (Date time) , Culture_End_Date (Date time) , Origin (String) , SOP (Web link) , Comments (Text) , Type of Culture (Controlled Vocabulary) , Organism1 (SEEK Strain) , Inoculum1 (Real number) , AddDate1 (Date time) , Organism2 (SEEK Strain) , Inoculum2 (Real number) , AddDate2 (Date time) , Organism3 (SEEK Strain) , Inoculum3 (Real number) , AddDate3 (Date time)

Not specified


STRAIN description (String) *, EPP (Empower putida) Code (String) *, Name (String) *, Previous Strain (NCBI ID) (String) *, Modification Made (description (String) , Genotype : gene name (String) , Genotype : modification (String) , Original Strain (String) *, Methods of Verification of Modification (String) , Function of the Strain (Phenotype) (String) , Date of Creation (Date) *, Created by (String) *, Contact to ask from (String) , Publication it was used (String) , Comment (String)

Not specified

No description specified

Sample ID (String) *, Sample name (String) , Date sampled (Date) , Treatment (String) , Fish# (sampling) (Integer) , Fish# (RNA-seq) (Integer) , Body wt in (g) (Integer) , Liver wt in (g) (Integer) , Sex (String) , Species (String) , Tissue (String)

Not specified

This sample type is created to represent STRAINS as they were handled in SEEK for SySMO projects

Name (String) *, Provider's strain ID (String) , Provider name (String) , Synonym (String) , Comment (String) , Genotype (String) , Phenotype (String) , Organism (Web link)

Not specified

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