Developing A Virus-MicroRNA Interactome Using Cystoscope


It is currently difficult to determine the effect of oncogenic viruses on the global function and regulation of pathways within mammalian cells. A thorough understanding of the molecular pathways and individual genes altered by oncogenic viruses is needed for the identification of targets that can be utilised for early diagnosis, prevention, and treatment methods. We detail a logical step-by-step guide to uncover viral-protein-miRNA interactions using publically available datasets and the network building program, Cytoscape. This method may be applied to identify specific pathways that are altered in viral infection, and contribute to the oncogenic transformation of cells. To demonstrate this, we constructed a gene regulatory interactome encompassing Human Papillomavirus Type 16 (HPV16) and its control of specific miRNAs. This approach can be broadly applied to understand and map the regulatory functions of other oncogenic viruses, and determine their role in altering the cellular environment in cancer.

Citation: MethodsX

Date Published: 1st Oct 2019

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Authors: Meredith Hill, Dayna Mason, Tânia Monteiro Marques, Margarida Gama Carvalho, Nham Tran

Hill, M., Mason, D., Monteiro Marques, T., Gama Carvalho, M., & Tran, N. (2020). Developing a virus-microRNA interactome using cytoscape. In MethodsX (Vol. 7, p. 100700). Elsevier BV.

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