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Signaling through the AKT and ERK pathways controls cell proliferation. However, the integrated regulation of this multistep process, involving signal processing, cell growth and cell cycle progression, ...

Authors: Lorenz Adlung, Marie-Christine Wagner, Sajib Chakraborty, Hauke Busch, Marcel Schilling, Kar S.,She B.,Bao J.,Lattermann S.,Boerries M.,Wuchter P.,Ho A. D.,Timmer J.,Hofer T.,Klingmuller U.

Date Published: 27th Jan 2017

Journal: Mol Syst Biol

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MOTIVATION: A major goal of drug development is to selectively target certain cell types. Cellular decisions influenced by drugs are often dependent on the dynamic processing of information. Selective ...

Authors: Bernhard Steiert, Jens Timmer, Kreutz C.

Date Published: 3rd Sep 2016

Journal: Bioinformatics

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In systems biology, one of the major tasks is to tailor model complexity to information content of the data. A useful model should describe the data and produce well-determined parameter estimates and ...

Authors: Bernhard Steiert, Joep Vanlier, Jens Timmer, Maiwald T.,Hass H.,Engesser R.,Raue A.,Kipkeew F.,Bock H. H.,Kaschek D.,Kreutz C.

Date Published: 3rd Sep 2016

Journal: PLoS One

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Lung cancer, with its most prevalent form non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC), is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths worldwide, and is commonly treated with chemotherapeutic drugs ...

Authors: Bernhard Steiert, Marcel Schilling, Merkle R.,Salopiata F.,Depner S.,Raue A.,Iwamoto N.,Schelker M.,Hass H.,Wasch M.,Bohm M. E.,Mucke O.,Lipka D. B.,Plass C.,Lehmann W. D.,Kreutz C.,Timmer J.,Klingmuller U.

Date Published: 6th Aug 2016

Journal: PLoS Comput Biol

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Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) from human bone marrow serve as a resource for cell-based therapies in regenerative medicine. Clinical applications require standardized protocols according to good ...

Authors: Rainer Saffrich, Wuchter P.,Vetter M.,Diehlmann A.,Bieback K.,Ho A. D.,Horn P.

Date Published: 19th Feb 2016

Journal: Exp Hematol

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The same pathway, such as the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway, can produce different cellular responses, depending on stimulus or cell type. We examined the phosphorylation dynamics of ...

Authors: Marcel Schilling, Iwamoto N.,D'Alessandro L. A.,Depner S.,Hahn B.,Kramer B. A.,Lucarelli P.,Vlasov A.,Stepath M.,Bohm M. E.,Deharde D.,Damm G.,Seehofer D.,Lehmann W. D.,Klingmuller U.

Date Published: 4th Feb 2016

Journal: Sci Signal

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In previous studies human mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) maintained the "stemness" of human hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPCs) through direct cell-cell contact in two-dimensional co-culture ...

Authors: Rainer Saffrich, Wuchter P.,Giselbrecht S.,Nies C.,Lorig H.,Kolb S.,Ho A. D.,Gottwald E.

Date Published: 30th Jan 2016

Journal: Cell Tissue Res

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Modeling of dynamical systems using ordinary differential equations is a popular approach in the field of systems biology. Two of the most critical steps in this approach are to construct dynamical ...

Authors: Bernhard Steiert, Christian Tönsing, Lorenz Adlung, Marcel Schilling, Raue A.,Schelker M.,Kreutz C.,Maiwald T.,Hass H.,Vanlier J.,Engesser R.,Mader W.,Heinemann T.,Hasenauer J.,Hofer T.,Klipp E.,Theis F.,Klingmuller U.,Schoberl B.,Timmer J.

Date Published: 3rd Jul 2015

Journal: Bioinformatics

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Signaling pathways are characterized by crosstalk, feedback and feedforward mechanisms giving rise to highly complex and cell-context specific signaling networks. Dissecting the underlying relations ...

Authors: Marcel Schilling, D'Alessandro L. A.,Samaga R.,Maiwald T.,Rho S. H.,Bonefas S.,Raue A.,Iwamoto N.,Kienast A.,Waldow K.,Meyer R.,Timmer J.,Klamt S.,Klingmuller U.

Date Published: 23rd Apr 2015

Journal: PLoS Comput Biol

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STAT5A and STAT5B are important transcription factors that dimerize and transduce activation signals of cytokine receptors directly to the nucleus. A typical cytokine that mediates STAT5 activation is ...

Authors: Lorenz Adlung, Marcel Schilling, Boehm M. E.,Roth S.,Klingmuller U.,Lehmann W. D.

Date Published: 7th Nov 2014

Journal: J Proteome Res

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Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) possess broad immunomodulatory capacities that are currently investigated for potential clinical application in treating autoimmune disorders. Third-party MSCs suppress ...

Author: Malcherek G.,Jin N.,Huckelhoven A. G.,Mani J.,Wang L.,Gern U.,Diehlmann A.,Wuchter P.,Schmitt A.,Chen B.,Ho A. D.,Schmitt M.

Date Published: 17th Sep 2014

Journal: Leukemia

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Data-based mathematical modeling of biochemical reaction networks, e.g., by nonlinear ordinary differential equation (ODE) models, has been successfully applied. In this context, parameter estimation ...

Authors: Christian Tönsing, Jens Timmer, Kreutz Clemens

Date Published: 1st Aug 2014

Journal: Phys. Rev. E

Abstract (Expand)

BACKGROUND AIMS: Human mesenchymal stem or stromal cells (MSCs) represent a potential resource not only for regenerative medicine but also for immunomodulatory cell therapies. The application of different ...

Authors: Rainer Saffrich, Wuchter P.,Bieback K.,Schrezenmeier H.,Bornhauser M.,Muller L. P.,Bonig H.,Wagner W.,Meisel R.,Pavel P.,Tonn T.,Lang P.,Muller I.,Renner M.,Malcherek G.,Buss E. C.,Horn P.,Rojewski M.,Schmitt A.,Ho A. D.,Sanzenbacher R.,Schmitt M.

Date Published: 20th May 2014

Journal: Cytotherapy

Abstract (Expand)

The interaction between the stromal cell-derived factor-1 alpha (SDF-1alpha, CXCL12) and its chemokine receptor CXCR4 has been reported to regulate stem cell migration, mobilization and homing. The ...

Authors: Rainer Saffrich, Wuchter P.,Leinweber C.,Hanke M.,Eckstein V.,Ho A. D.,Grunze M.,Rosenhahn A.

Date Published: 14th Dec 2013

Journal: Cell Tissue Res

Abstract (Expand)

We previously demonstrated that leukemia cell lines expressing CD44 and hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPC) from umbilical cord blood (CB) showed rolling on hyaluronic acid (HA)-coated surfaces under ...

Author: Hanke M.,Hoffmann I.,Christophis C.,Schubert M.,Hoang V. T.,Zepeda-Moreno A.,Baran N.,Eckstein V.,Wuchter P.,Rosenhahn A.,Ho A. D.

Date Published: 22nd Nov 2013

Journal: Biomaterials

Abstract (Expand)

BACKGROUND AIMS: Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) resemble an essential component of the bone marrow niche for maintenance of stemness of hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPCs). Perturbation of the C-X-C ...

Authors: Rainer Saffrich, Ludwig A.,Eckstein V.,Bruckner T.,Wagner W.,Ho A. D.,Wuchter P.

Date Published: 10th Oct 2013

Journal: Cytotherapy


Not specified

Author: Schmitt M.,Muller L. P.,Keysser G.,Lorenz H. M.,Ho A. D.,Wuchter P.

Date Published: 4th Sep 2013

Journal: Dtsch Med Wochenschr

Abstract (Expand)

In systems biology, quantitative experimental data is the basis of building mathematical models. In most of the cases, they are stored in Excel files and hosted locally. To have a public database for ...

Authors: Ulrike Wittig, Markus Stepath, Ursula Klingmüller, Wolfgang Müller, Shi L.,Jong L.,Lucarelli P.,Mueller S.,D'Alessandro L. A.

Date Published: 4th Apr 2013

Journal: J Integr Bioinform

Abstract (Expand)

Cell surface receptors convert extracellular cues into receptor activation, thereby triggering intracellular signaling networks and controlling cellular decisions. A major unresolved issue is the ...

Authors: Marcel Schilling, Becker V.,Bachmann J.,Baumann U.,Raue A.,Maiwald T.,Timmer J.,Klingmuller U.

Date Published: 20th May 2010

Journal: Science

Abstract (Expand)

High-quality quantitative data generated under standardized conditions is critical for understanding dynamic cellular processes. We report strategies for error reduction, and algorithms for automated ...

Authors: Marcel Schilling, Maiwald T.,Bohl S.,Kollmann M.,Kreutz C.,Timmer J.,Klingmuller U.

Date Published: 13th Dec 2005

Journal: FEBS J

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