Workshop on Reproducible and Citable Data and Models, Rostock-Warnemünde, September 14th-16th

This workshop is for computational biologists and experimentalists who wish to learn about standards, citeable data, about how to make scientific results sustainable, available through open repositories, and about how to find and reuse other people’s works. It comprises of a mixture of lectures and hands-on sessions. We will teach you the major standards and tools that support these standards, as well as steps towards encoding and publishing reproducible modeling results. Topics include data identifiers and data identity authorities, licences, public data stores, linking data with publications, how to cite others data, standards for model encoding (SBML, CellML), annotation of model parts with terms from bio-ontologies, and encoding virtual experiments in SED-ML. Participants are encouraged to bring their own piece of model and put their hands on transforming it into a standard-compliant and publishable piece of research.


Projects: FAIRDOM

Natalie Stanford

14th Sep 2015

15th Sep 2015

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