BinGO analysis of upregulated miRNA gene targets
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Previously identified gene targets were used as input (see miRNA gene target file).

Literature-curated transcription factor (TF) - miRNA pairs of deregulated miRNAs were extracted from TransmiR (Tong, Cui and Wang 2019 TransmiR). miRNA, target gene, and TF Interaction pairs were visualized in Cytoscape v3.8.2 (Shannon, P. et al. Cytoscape: A software environment for integrated models of biomolecular interaction networks. Genome Research 13, 2498-2504, doi:Doi 10.1101/Gr.1239303 (2003). The missing interactions within the resulting network were integrated using the Cytoscape App Bisogenet v3.0.0 (Martin et al 2010 BisoGenet).

Cytoscape BinGO plugin was used to identify overrepresented GO terms.


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