Short Name: 01_jun19-wet Assay Class: WET Assay Type: wet Title: June 2019 potato field trial Description: June 2019 potato field trial conducted as part of Ecobreed project from KIS coordinated by dr. Jaka Razinger pISA Assay creation date: 2021-01-15 pISA Assay creator: Marko Petek Phenodata: None Featuredata: Data:

SEEK ID: https://fairdomhub.org/assays/1591

Experimental Assay

Marko Petek

Projects: _p_RNAinVAL

Investigation: _I_02_FieldTrials

Study: _S_01_2019

Assay position:

Assay type: Experimental Assay Type

Technology type: Technology Type

Organisms: No organisms

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