Mutations, Recombination and Insertion in the Evolution of 2019-nCoV


Background: The 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV or SARS-CoV-2) has spread more rapidly than any other betacoronavirus including SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. However, the mechanisms responsible for infection and molecular evolution of this virus 5 remained unclear. Methods: We collected and analyzed 120 genomic sequences of 2019-nCoV including 11 novel genomes from patients in China. Through comprehensive analysis of the available genome sequences of 2019-nCoV strains, we have tracked multiple inheritable SNPs and determined the evolution of 2019-nCoV relative to other 10 coronaviruses. Results: Systematic analysis of 120 genomic sequences of 2019-nCoV revealed cocirculation of two genetic subgroups with distinct SNPs markers, which can be used to trace the 2019-nCoV spreading pathways to different regions and countries. Although 2019-nCoV, human and bat SARS-CoV share high homologous in overall genome 15 structures, they evolved into two distinct groups with different receptor entry specificities through potential recombination in the receptor binding regions. In addition, 2019-nCoV has a unique four amino acid insertion between S1 and S2 domains of the spike protein, which created a potential furin or TMPRSS2 cleavage site. Conclusions: Our studies provided comprehensive insights into the evolution and 20


DOI: 10.1101/2020.02.29.971101

Projects: COVID-19 Disease Map

Publication type: Tech report

Citation: biorxiv;2020.02.29.971101v1,[Preprint]

Date Published: 2nd Mar 2020


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Authors: Aiping Wu, Peihua Niu, Lulan Wang, Hangyu Zhou, Xiang Zhao, Wenling Wang, Jingfeng Wang, Chengyang Ji, Xiao Ding, Xianyue Wang, Roujian Lu, Sarah Gold, Saba Aliyari, Shilei Zhang, Ellee Vikram, Angela Zou, Emily Lenh, Janet Chen, Fei Ye, Na Han, Yousong Peng, Haitao Guo, Guizhen Wu, Taijiao Jiang, Wenjie Tan, Genhong Cheng

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Wu, A., Niu, P., Wang, L., Zhou, H., Zhao, X., Wang, W., Wang, J., Ji, C., Ding, X., Wang, X., Lu, R., Gold, S., Aliyari, S., Zhang, S., Vikram, E., Zou, A., Lenh, E., Chen, J., Ye, F., … Cheng, G. (2020). Mutations, Recombination and Insertion in the Evolution of 2019-nCoV. In []. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

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