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The workshop focuses on the publication, curation, retrieval, and usage of kinetic data from the reaction kinetics database SABIO-RK and on the use of data in modeling. There will be experience reports from scientists who successfully used experimental data to formulate or verify biological hypotheses with the computer, and you will experience how experimental data can be used with computational models.

The Systems Biology Service Center of de.NBI (de.NBI-SysBio) provides bioinformatics support and a standards-based data management for systems biology projects, with focus on the provenance of experimental results and on the reproducibility of modeling experiments, as well as high-quality curated biochemical data to modelers and experimentalists. The node concentrates on two tools for the data management in life sciences research: SEEK, a catalogue for storage, registration and exchange of data ...

Programme: de.NBI Systems Biology Service Center (de.NBI-SysBio)

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