International SWAT4LS Workshop

Semantic web applications and tools for life science.

Since 2008, the SWAT4LS Workshop has provided a platform for the presentation and discussion of the benefits and limits of applying web-based information systems and semantic technologies in the domains of health care and life sciences. SWAT4LS will provide the same open and stimulating environment that has previously brought together researchers, developers, and users, from various fields including eHealth, biomedical and clinical informatics, systems biology, computational biology, drug discovery, bioinformatics and biocomputing, to discuss goals, current limits and real experiences in the use of Semantic Web and Linked-Data technologies in health care and the life sciences.

FAIRDOM is presenting " FAIRDOM approach for semantic interoperability of systems biology data and models" poster at SWAT4LS 2014


Projects: FAIRDOM

Olga Krebs

9th Dec 2014

11th Dec 2014

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