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What is PlaSMo?

PlaSMo stands for Plant Systems-biology Modelling; Ensuring the achievements of yesterday's Mathematical Modellers will be available for the Systems Biologists of tomorrow.

The original PlaSMo project description is included within the attached document.

Our aims

  • To identify plant mathematical models useful to the UK plant systems biology community, which are currently in a variety of legacy formats and in danger of being lost
  • <li>To represent these models in a declarative XML-based format, which is closer to the systems biology standard SBML</li>
    <li>To evaluate the behaviour of the models represented in this format against the output of the original models</li>
    <li>To produce a portal to disseminate the models, and examples of their output, in XML format; so that they can be used in the programming language and computating environment of a scientist's choice</li>
    <li>To provide an interface to enable researchers to share reviews, annotations and enhancements of models</li>

Who is it for?

  • Plant scientists wishing to apply systems biology approaches to the study of plant growth and development
  • Crop scientists and the plant breeding and agricultural industries
  • Current and retired mathematical modellers wishing to safeguard their models and make them more widely available
  • Those researching plant responses to climate change
  • Those needing to model the growth of new crops or new uses of existing crops, such as bioenergy production

Our funders

PlaSMo was establised with funding from the BBSRC's Bioinformatics and Biological Resources initiative and is maintained with funding from the European Commission's FP7 Collaborative Project TiMet.

People and collaborating institutions

At Aberystwyth University's Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS)

  • Helen Ougham
  • Chris Davey

At the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Systems Biology (CSBE)

At Simulistics Ltd, Edinburgh

  • Robert Muetzelfeldt
  • Jonathan Massheder
  • Jasper Taylor
  • Mark Muetzelfeldt


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