SAMPLE TYPE to describe samples of CEN.PK-113-7D yeast strain upon metabolic perturbation of the steady state culture by glucose pulse


YEAST_chemostat_steady_state_culture template.xlsx - Download


NameTypeDescriptionPID helpUnit
SEEK ID*IntegerNot specified--
STRAINRegistered StrainNot specified--
GenotypeStringNot specified--
Cell culture IDStringNot specified--
Cell culture start dateDateNot specified--
Glucose pulse (concentration)IntegerNot specified--
Sampling dateDateNot specified--
Time after glucose pulseIntegerNot specified--
Cell partControlled Vocabulary - SysMO Sample Organism PartNot specified--
Age at sampling*IntegerNot specified--


yeast, genotype, chemostat, glucose pulse, Metabolomics
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