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FAIRDOM PALS and users meeting 2019 is happening in Heidelberg, as a satellite meeting of the COMBINE (COmputational Modeling in BIology Network) meeting.
FAIRDOM is a research infrastructure offering data management support. The SEEK software is designed as registry and storage place for data, models, biological samples, processes, publications and presentations, and at the same time as yellow pages for projects, people and events. SEEK is implemented as central data management platform FAIRDOMhub

Start Date: 18th Jul 2019

End Date: 19th Jul 2019

Event Website:

Country:  DE

City: Heidelberg

Target audience: Wet-lab scientists and people dealing with experimental and/or clinical data for research

Topics include:
- Best practice data structuring (spreadsheets) for experimental and (clinical) samples data
- Comprehensive and unambiguous data description and annotation
- Standard formats and terminologies for data and metadata
- Guidelines for reporting data (Minimum information standards)
- Annotation tools (e.g. RightField:
- Using SEEK & FAIRDOMhub

Start Date: 22nd Nov 2017

End Date: 23rd Nov 2017

Event Website: Not specified

Country:  DE

City: Hünfeld

The meeting will provide a great opportunity for discussion between modellers, experimentalists and clinicians and to organize and harmonize our future work within the LiSyM network on the grassroot level.

All PhD students as well as all PostDocs of the LiSyM network are kindly requested to register by February 1st

Start Date: 3rd May 2017

End Date: 5th May 2017

Event Website:

Country:  Germany

City: Hünfeld

Good data and model management improves the longevity and impact of your interdisciplinary research. FAIRDOM offers software and expertise to support you in better managing your interdisciplinary life-science projects, particularly in systems and synthetic biology. If you have never heard of data and model management, or are curious about it, or you are an expert keen to exchange ideas, our user meeting is the place for you!
At the meeting you can
- Learn why data and model management is important,

Start Date: 15th Sep 2016

End Date: 15th Sep 2016

Event Website:

Country:  Spain

City: barcelona

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