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Clock-regulated pathways coordinate the response of many developmental processes to changes in photoperiod and temperature. We model two of the best-understood clock output pathways in Arabidopsis, ...

Authors: Daniel Seaton, Andrew Millar, Smith R. W.,Song Y. H.,MacGregor D. R.,Stewart K.,Steel G.,Foreman J.,Penfield S.,Imaizumi T.,Halliday K. J.

Date Published: 21st Jan 2015

Journal: Mol Syst Biol

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Predicting a multicellular organism's phenotype quantitatively from its genotype is challenging, as genetic effects must propagate up time and length scales. Circadian clocks are intracellular ...

Authors: Yin Hoon Chew, Daniel Seaton, Andrew Millar, Mengin Virginie,Flis Anna,Mugford Sam T.,Smith Alison M.,Stitt Mark

Date Published: No date defined

Journal: Not specified

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