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This page is dedicated to the bioinformatics analysis and computational modelling related to Covid-19 disease map pathways.

Projects: Covid-19 Interferon pathway modelling and analysis

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We used the Neo4j graph database approach to integrate the content of the COVID-19 Disease Map diagrams to efficiently access, query and manage the content of these diagrams and enable communication with external resources, such as Reactome and Recon, that already provide support via a similar environment.

Projects: C19DM-Neo4j

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nfdi4health aims to create the most comprehensive inventory of German epidemiological, public health and clinical trial data to date. It builds a centralised data catalogue with elaborate search functionalities, sophisticated data access management, and a data analysis toolbox, while respecting stringent requirements for privacy concerning personal health data. Standardisation services ensure a high degree of interoperability. Use cases covering prototypical study types and areas of research show ...

Projects: COVID-19 related studies and tools in Germany, nfdi4health - German National Research Data Infrastructure for Personal Health Data

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The Disease Maps Project is designed as a large-scale community effort. It is a network of groups that work together in order to better understand disease mechanisms. The project exchanges best practices, share information, develop tools to make it easier for all the involved groups to achieve their goals.

Projects: COVID-19 Disease Map

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