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We used the Neo4j graph database approach to integrate the content of the COVID-19 Disease Map diagrams to efficiently access, query and manage the content of these diagrams and enable communication with external resources, such as Reactome and Recon, that already provide support via a similar environment. This work complements the efforts on exploring COVID-19 disease mechanisms within the COVID-19 Disease Map Project.

Programme: C19DM-Neo4j

Public web page: Not specified

Start date: 1st Sep 2020

End date: 31st Dec 2022

Here we share resources and best practices to develop a disease map for COVID-19. The project is progressing as a broad community-driven effort. We aim to establish a knowledge repository on virus-host interaction mechanisms specific to the SARS-CoV-2. The COVID-19 Disease Map is an assembly of molecular interaction diagrams established based on literature evidence.

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