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Detlef Schmiedl (PhD) is working at Fraunhofer ICT since 02/2006 as scientist & is project leader as well as senior scientist at Fraunhofer ICT. He is a chemist & has long term experience in processing of lignocellulose & chemical modification/ tailored functionalization of tannin & lignin as well as in base catalyzed chemical depolymerization of several lignin types into monomer & oligomer oxy-aromatic building blocks. Additionally he has long term experiences in analytical methods. Generally he is working as project leader & work package leader in public funded (national, EraNet, EU) as well as in industrial costumer projects. 26 articles, 6 conference papers, 7 others, 3 patent applications, RG score: 21.16, h-index:10 (research gate). Within the Project WooBAdh he will be responsible regarding the Project management, grafting of Lignins, Tannins and Lignin fraction and the chemical characterisation of the starting material and modified products by 31P-NMR, 2D-NMR (HSQC), EA (CHONS), SEC (MN, MW, D), FT-IR etc.

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