Enrichment of anaerobious mixed cultures in favor of odd-chain volatile fatty acid production

Batch cultures of designed media inocculated with biomass from WWTP anaerobious fermentation steps. The media consisted of a series of macro- and micro-nutrients to avoid limitations on proliferation, and a fermentative substrate of glucose and aminoacids. The glucose proportion and aminoacid composition varied culture to culture according to previous work using a mathematical model of a mixed culture fermentation in similar conditions. Acetoclastic methanogenesis was avoided with BES at 1 g/L and all media were buffered.

Product concentrations were determined through Gass Chromatography --for Volatile Fatty Acids-- and High Performance Liquid Chromatography --for other products and remaining glucose--.

SEEK ID: https://fairdomhub.org/assays/2307

Experimental Assay

Alejandro Martínez Rey

Projects: ODDITY

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Assay type: Metabolite Concentration

Technology type: Chromatography

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