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What is a Data file?
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A collection of python scripts used to generate CML from csv (, apply machine learning (Gradient Boosting using decision trees,, model based on eq 6 in the associated publication, and to plot the generated data (plot*.py).

Contains CML dictionaries created to store deep eutectic solvent data with CML.

Contains CML created for experimental, simulation and predicted data. Predictions were made based on experimental data using a gradient boosting decision tree.

Contains exp.csv, a collection of experimental data of CholineChloride:Glycerol:Water mixtures. Contains sim.csv, a collection of molecular dynamics simulation data of CholineChloride:Glycerol:Water mixtures. Contains Modelling_exp_Figure3.csv, a collection of modelled Eeta (energy activation of viscous flow), lnEta0 (viscosity at infinite temperature) values of CholineChloride:Glycerol:Water mixtures, based on experimental data, see the associated publication for details. Contains ...

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